Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Service ("Terms") regulate your access to and use of the websites ("Sites") offered by Serverflake Inc. ("Serverflake Inc," "we," or "us") and the services made available via the Sites ("Services" and together, the "Serverflake Inc Services").


Make sure to read this document with great care! Only the terms and conditions contained herein apply to product sales. The following terms and conditions apply to all purchases made from the Serverflake Inc website. They include very important information regarding your legal rights and responsibilities, including legal constraints and exclusions, pricing, shipping, and general product descriptions that apply to you. Any new or additional terms in any forms you submit are hereby considered material alterations, and notice of objection and rejection is hereby given. By accepting delivery of the goods described on the Serverflake Inc invoice or other Serverflake Inc paperwork, the customer consents to be bound by and acknowledges these terms and conditions of product sales unless the customer and Serverflake Inc website have signed a separate contract, in which case the individual contract will govern. Additionally, these terms and conditions may be amended at any time and without any written notice. Please review these terms and conditions each time you place an order with Serverflake Inc or accept delivery of any service from Serverflake Inc.




This website is run by Serverflake (referred to as "Serverflake Inc" or "we" or "us" or “company/organization”). Serverflake Inc is a RESELLER OF COMPUTER-RELATED PRODUCTS, ACCESSORIES, AND PERIPHERALS.


1.    Accepting the conditions

By choosing the "Accept" option, utilizing the Serverflake Inc Services in any way, involving the customer using, uploading, downloading, or sending any User Content or capability provided or allowed through the Services provided by Serverflake Inc or simply using the website, you accept The Terms and conditions of the Serverflake Inc and its Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy"). You are not permitted to utilize the Serverflake Inc Services or accept the given Terms if

1) you are not yet of legal age allowed to establish the binding contract with Serverflake Inc, or

2) you are banned by the law from acquiring the use of such Services.


2.    Additional terms; amendments

Certain aspects of the Serverflake Inc Services may be governed by additional guidelines, restrictions, or rules, which will be provided in conjunction with such features on the appropriate Service or Site ("Additional Terms"). All such Additional Conditions are incorporated into these Terms by reference. In the event of a discrepancy between such Terms and the Additional Conditions, the Additional Terms shall govern the Serverflake Inc Services feature in question. Serverflake Inc reserves the right to modify the Terms or the Privacy Policy at any time and at its sole discretion. If Serverflake Inc makes any material changes, we will tell you by sending an email to the most recent email address you supplied to us and/or by publishing a notification of the change on the Site. Any significant changes to these Conditions or the Privacy Policy will become effective thirty (30) calendar days after we send you an email notification or thirty (30) calendar days after we post notification of the changes on our Sites, whichever occurs first. These modifications are applicable immediately for all new Serverflake Inc users. Before future use of the Serverflake Inc Services is authorized, Serverflake Inc may ask that you grant approval to the amended Terms or Privacy Policy in a certain manner. Otherwise, your continuing use of the Serverflake Inc services indicates your consent to the modifications. Please visit the Sites often to examine the latest Terms and Privacy Policy.


3.    Definitions

3.1          "Content" refers to any and all data, information, results, ideas, plans, drawings, texts, files, links, pictures, photographs, video, audio, inventions (whether or not they are patentable), notes, original works of writing, articles, and feedback.

3.2          Customers who are not consumers are referred to as "Business Customers."

3.3          Consumer refers to a person who is not engaging in the course of his or her trade or vocation.

3.4          "Service Content" refers to any Content produced by Serverflake Inc as well as any Third-Party Content made accessible via the Services.

3.5          "Third Party Content" refers to any Subject matter, other than User Contributions, given, imported, or uploaded by a party other than Serverflake Inc to the Services.

3.6          The term "User Content" refers to any Content submitted, imported, or published to the Services through you, on your behalf, or at your direction using the Serverflake Inc services.


4.    Licenses

4.1          License Grant. During the Term, Serverflake Inc offers you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Services, subject to the terms and restrictions of these Terms.

4.2          Limitations. You agree that you will not: (a) allow any entity to access and/or use the Serverflake Inc Services; (b) rent, lease, loan, or offer access to the Serverflake Inc Services to any third party; (c) interfere with, disrupt, change, translate, or modify the Serverflake Inc  Services or any portion thereof, or impose an unreasonable load on the Serverflake Inc Services or the networks or services associated to the Serverflake Inc Services (including, without limitation, any Except as specifically provided in these Terms, no license or right of any kind is given to you with respect to the Serverflake Inc Services or any portion thereof.

4.3          License for Content of services provided.

Serverflake Inc hereby provides you with a license that is non-transferrable to view, download, or print the Service content under the following given circumstances: (a) you may acquire and use the Content provided exclusively for knowledgeable and personal purposes in compliance with the given Terms; (b) you must not change/modify the Content provided; (c) you must not redistribute or put on sale, rent, lease, license, or otherwise allow the Content provided for service to be accessible to third parties; and (d) you must not create derivative works from Serverflake Inc maintains any right to cancel the permission given to access, print, or download Content given for service at any moment, and any action happening must cease immediately upon notification from Serverflake Inc.

4.4          Login credentials and passcodes

You need to create an account of your own ("Account") in order to utilize the services put forth by Serverflake Inc. When you are setting up the Account, you are required to pick a certain username, or you can give a valid email address (in which instance we will give you a unique username) and establish a password. We may require further information from you to complete your signup. You represent and declare that: (a) any registration information you enter is true and truthful; (b) you will maintain the correctness of such information, and (c) your use of the Serverflake Inc Services does not breach any relevant laws. Serverflake Inc maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or update your login and password at any time. You are entirely responsible for any activities that take place under your Account and are responsible for preserving the secrecy of your username and password. You undertake (a) to never enable the third party to access your Account, username, or password; and (b) to immediately inform Serverflake Inc of any real or suspected unauthorized use of your Account, username, password, or any other violation or suspected violation of these Terms. Maintains the right to disable any username and password that Serverflake Inc thinks, based on reasonable grounds, could have been used by an unauthorized third party.


4.5          Accounts that Belong to Third Parties 

You may also link your Account with certain third-party sites, such as Facebook or Twitter ("Third Party Account") by either providing us with your Third Party Account login information or (ii) allowing us to access your Third Party Account, as permitted by the relevant terms and conditions that regulate your use of each Third Party Account. You warrant that you are authorized to disclose your Third Party Account login details to us and/or grant us access to your Third Party Account without violating any of the terms and conditions that govern your utilization of the applicable Third Party Account and without effectively forcing us to pay any fees or making us susceptible to any usage constraints imposed by such third party service providers. Through your Account settings, you can at any moment disconnect the link between your Account and the Third-Party Accounts you have connected your Account with. NOTICE: YOUR Connection WITH THE THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDERS is not governed by our agreements but by the agreement of the third-party service providers.

4.6          Changes to Serverflake Inc services   

Serverflake Inc maintains the right to alter, stop, or cancel the Serverflake Inc services or any portion thereof at any moment deemed necessary. You agree that Serverflake Inc shall have no liability to you or any other third party whatsoever for any change, interruption, or even termination of the Serverflake Inc Services or any portion present.

4.7          IP Addresses ownership

The website and the Services provided by the website, the Service Content, and Serverflake Inc's patented technology, and every Right in Intellectual Property of each of the ongoing processes and services, not limited to apps, hardware components, merchandise, operations, even the algorithms being used, UI, tutorials, technologies, logos, and other intangible or tangible parts of the work or details made available to you by Serverflake Inc in providing the Serverflake Inc  Services (the "Serverflake Inc ") are the exclusive property of Serverflake Inc . Except as expressly set forth herein, no express or implied license or right of any kind is granted to you with respect to the Sites, the Services, the Service Content or the Serverflake Inc technology, or any portion thereof, including the right to obtain possession of any source code, data, or other technical material related to the Serverflake Inc Technology. All rights are reserved and are not publicly awarded to you by Serverflake Inc.

4.8          Rating

As a return of the usage of the Serverflake Inc services, the customer is permanently (and with no further explanation) and absolutely assigned towards the Serverflake Inc’s recommendations, proposals, requests for enhancements, comments, suggestions, or any other knowledge you submit that relates the Serverflake Inc Services, the Content of service, or other Serverflake Inc Tech, as well as the international Intellectual Rights to property. If legally, the aforementioned claims can’t be transferred to Serverflake Inc. You permanently and absolutely give away the prosecution of any such rights as well as any claims and reasons for the action having any nature opposing Serverflake Inc relating to such claims.


5.    Customer Behaviour

5.1 Customer Behavior.

Some of the Serverflake Inc. Services permit the submission of User Content. You maintain full ownership of your User Material; nevertheless, in order to perform the Services, such as sharing data with other users based on your own choices, Serverflake Inc requires certain exclusive rights in relation to your very own User Content. And By either uploading or distributing, or even using your very own User Content with the Serverflake Inc Services, you allow Serverflake Inc with an irreversible and nonexclusive but royalty-free and completely paid international license, allowing the right to award further sublicenses and to replicate, transmit, display, publicly conduct, prepare an infringing copy of it, integrate it into the other processes, and instead use the User Content, and you exhibit and justify that you possess the right to award Serverflake Inc such a license. You are also the one with complete responsibility for any of your own User Content. Unless in the certain circumstances provided out in the Terms and conditions or any other policy, we would conceal your own Content from the third parties unless at customer’s own permission, nonetheless if it’s in the certain situations provided in the given Terms and conditions or any other policy. You accept that there is a possibility of any other user accessing, creating derivative works from, or utilizing your Content if you have made it public and visible or have shared it. You bear all threats connected to the use of your Content, involving the dependence by others on its precision, absoluteness, utility, and any release of your private Content and make you or such third parties individually recognizable.


5.2 Loss of Content.

The customer possesses the entire responsibility for maintaining or storing your personal copy of all the personal Content given or uploaded to the Offerings and Serverflake Inc. Serverflake Inc is not responsible for backing up any User Content uploaded to the Services. Therefore, Serverflake Inc suggests that you must make a backup of copies of all the personal Content uploaded to the Offerings at none other than your own expense. You acknowledge that Serverflake Inc may (but has no need to) delete or change any User Content that it judges to breach your claims and warranty claims in Section 5.3, at its sole discretion. You accept and recognize that Serverflake Inc is under no obligation to preserve User Content and may remove it at any time.



5.3 Allowed Content. 

The customer possesses the highest rank to decide whether it should be permissible for the customer's Content to be completely transferred, furnished, uploaded online, or even utilized in conjunction with the given provided Services. Consequently, you must also undertake that your own User Content would not breach any other third-party rights, including but in no such way limited to the Intellectual Rights or rights to privacy and publicity. Keep in mind to consider with great care whether it should be allowed to import, post online, or use any of your User Content in conjunction also with the offerings provided, including the option that whether it should be allowed to distribute or make such User Content accessible to the public. You warrant and represent that any of your User Content won't (a) prove to be deceiving, slandering, NSFW, invasive of another person's privacy, contain hateful Content, racially/ ethnically discriminating, or otherwise morally repugnant; (b) contain any software viruses, or malicious worms, or other known/unknown computer virus and the codes programmed to damage the Serverflake Inc Services or any information of the Services; or (c) breach any constitutional law or regulation, or even any binding contract.

5.4 Conduct Acceptable by us.

You have agreed not to use, and not to suggest or allow anyone else to utilize, the Serverflake Inc Services for harassing and/or stalking someone else; dangering underage individuals in just about any possible way;  identify yourself as any false individual and/or organization, wrongly claim and otherwise misguide yourself as being associated along any individual and/or organization; forge and/or deceive identifiable components and header in order to conceal the original source of the material posted online on or communicated across using the Serverflake Inc Services,


6.    Third Parties

 6.1 Links to Services of Third Parties.

 The Services of Serverflake Inc. may contain connections to ads, websites, and services provided by other parties ("Third Party Service"). These advertising, websites, and services are not under Serverflake Inc's control. Serverflake Inc is not liable for the contents of any third-party website or any links contained within a Third Party Offering. These links are provided as a courtesy by Serverflake Inc, which does not examine, authorize, monitor, recommend, guarantee, or make any statements regarding Third Party Services. When you exit our Sites, our rules and conditions are no longer applicable. Before engaging in a transaction with a third party, you should understand the relevant policies and terms, including privacy and data collection practices, of any Third-Party Service and conduct any additional research you deem necessary or appropriate.


6.2 Additional Users

The Services of Serverflake Inc. may contain User-Generated Content ("Other User Content"). Other User Content is neither the responsibility of nor under the control of Serverflake Inc . Serverflake Inc has no responsibility to evaluate or monitor Other User Content, and it does not authorize, condone, or make any claims or guarantees regarding it. You recognize that by utilizing Services, you may be subjected to Content that you find offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable and that you utilize the Services at your own discretion in this regard. You engage with other users and utilize Other User Content at your own risk. We retain the right, but have no responsibility, to supervise any disagreements between you and fellow users. You acknowledge that Serverflake Inc is not liable for any damages suffered as a consequence of such transactions.


6.3 Release

You, therefore, absolutely and unconditionally release and discharge Serverflake Inc (and its suppliers) from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action, now known or unknown, relating to any interactions with, or act or omission of, any Third-Party Service or other users of the Services.


7.    Liability

7.1 Except as specifically specified in's Terms and Conditions, if applicable, makes no express or implied guarantee or representation of any kind with respect to the website, the Content, or any advertising, services, or goods delivered through or in conjunction with the website.

7.2 Serverflake Inc does not ensure that this website is compatible with all hard drives and software that site visitors may employ.

7.3  Serverflake Inc  will have no responsibility to you of any kind, whether it be in contract, personal injury cases, (including negligence), violation of statutory duty, reparation, or otherwise for any harm, death, injury, or direct, indirect, or losses incurred (all three of which terms incorporate, without limitation, pure financial damage, loss of earnings, loss of business, exhaustion of goodwill, and similar loss) whatsoever caused originating out of or in correlation with the use of this webpage or the use, accessing, or browsing of any other website


8.    Changes to the website

8.1 Subject to section

8.2 Serverflake Inc may modify the website's Content at any time at its own discretion and without notification to you.

8.3 Serverflake Inc may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing the modified Terms and Conditions on this Site. If makes any material modifications to these Terms and Conditions, it will, for a reasonable time thereafter, take reasonable measures to inform visitors that these Terms and Conditions have indeed been updated. You are urged to periodically review these Terms and Conditions.


9.    “Disclaimer." 

Up to the maximum limit of the usage allowed as per the constitutional law, the Serverflake Inc services are exhibited "as is," considering Serverflake Inc accepts absolutely no (and hereby ultimately disclaims each and every) claims, or representing as, or under any circumstances, whether it may be noted, or be orally, or be expressed as, or implied as, including, under no limit does Serverflake Inc guarantees that each issue will be fixed or that the procedure of Serverflake Inc‘s services will be displayed as complete or error-free.


10.    Dispute Resolution




Unless under the claims of violation, or misuse of any third party's property, logo, trademark, or proprietary information, all disagreements between you and Serverflake Inc arising out of or relating to such Terms and conditions must be handled by the binding obligation, which is provided in the respective section. Such arbitration contract is also meant to be understood liberally. It also contains but under no circumstance is also limited to, any and all rights and disputes over the website, Content provided for service, User Content given, or other Offerings.


You also agree that just by agreeing to this contract, both you, as a customer/user, and Serverflake Inc, waive the right to a jury trial and to take part in legal action. You and Serverflake Inc also fall under the agreement that each of you may only bring the claims against the other in your or its individual capacity and not in any alleged class or representative proceeding. All arbitrations that will be conducted on any personal basis, class arbitrations, and class actions are prohibited.


11.    General

11.1 These Terms and Conditions have no effect on your legal rights as a Consumer.

11.2 If any part of this agreement is determined to be inadmissible, it shall be considered severed from this agreement without affecting the legality or enforcement of the other terms.

11.3 Any settlement of this agreement's violation must be in writing. These Terms & Conditions constitute the whole agreement in place on this topic and supersede all prior oral or written agreements between the parties on this subject. These Terms and Conditions may only be changed by a letter signed by both parties' authorized representatives.

11.4 You acknowledge that these Conditions and Conditions take precedence over any conflicting or extra conditions on any Purchase Requisition, sales acknowledgment, verification, or other published guidelines by either party. If these Terms and Conditions disagree with any other agreement, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

11.5 Any modifications to this contract must be in writing to be enforceable by an authorized representative.

11.6 The titles are for ease only and must not be used in interpreting this agreement.

11.7 Any notifications made under this agreement must be in written and sent (I) by first grade pre-paid mail to the last known address of the receiver; or (ii) by faxing to their last known contact number; or (iii) by email to the latest notified email address of the receiving party.